Product Groups

Instrument Sets
S&T Instrument Sets are specified according to these guide lines: highest flexibility available, range of instruments covers all standard situations, selection under economic aspects.

All S&T microsurgical scissors are skillfully handcrafted to the most exacting standards. You will immediately notice the advantages of these scissors.

All S&T Forceps are handcrafted under the microscope, to the highest standards. Each S&T forcep is inspected utilizing rigid QC standards, assuring you consistently well made instruments, designed specifically for microsurgery.

Vessel Dilators
S&T Vessel dilators feature highly polished parallel tips. They are designed for controlled, interluminal vessel dilation. S&T offers a wide range of styles to meet your specific requirements.

There is more to a good needle holder than meets the eye. This is especially true for S&T's line.

Vascular Clamps
What started as a laboratory tool over thirty years ago, has become the most popular micro clamp due to the many advantages this clamp series has for its users.

Instrument Storage
To ensure the functionality of your microsurgical instruments, it is strongly recommended that an instrument case with a rack or finger mats be used for storage.

Special Instruments 
S&T's quality products for gyaecology, hand surgery, surgery of peripheral nerves and tendons and also products for instrument maintenance.