Throughout the years, Microsurgery has evolved, with new procedures pioneered and new techniques perfected. S&T has been at the forefront of the industry, accommodating each new innovation with skillfully engineered instruments. Quite simply, we've been on the cutting edge of the cutting edge.

Still, the growing field of Microsurgery depends on more than just the right instruments. It depends on research, knowledge and expert advice. S&T is proud to acknowledge its collaboration with the world's most prestigious microsurgeons. Together, we have crafted some of the most innovative products in the field, defined by both functionality and efficiency. S&T products are crafted from premium materials, and are built from a sound foundation of research, expert cooperation, and precise engineering. We at S&T are so confident in our products and processes that we challenge you to find a better line of instruments anywhere else in the world. Period.

Please note that all instruments have a life long warranty on craftsmanship and materials.

On behalf of everyone at S&T, we thank you for your loyal support, and your business. And in the field of Microsurgery, will continue its dedication to excellence - so you can achieve it. Thank you.