...literally the cutting edge of the surgeon's art, has been practiced in certain procedures for well over 50 years.

Nonetheless, it became truly viable with the advent of microsurgical needlesuture combinations which, in the smaller dimensions, were first manufactured by S&T in the late 60's of the last century.

Working together with world renowned surgeons, Werner Spingler and Eugen Tritt, the founders of S&T, manufactured even better and finer needles which are used all over the world by surgeons, to the benefit of their patients.

However, it was soon noticed that an essential ingredient was missing, and surgeons started asking for modified instruments, better capable of handling the fine needles and structures.

In 1980, S&T's involvement in instruments had increased to such proportions that two spin-off companies were founded to efficiently handle these requests.

Since then, S&T has undergone various transformations, which culminated in the merger of the S&T companies in the S&T AG in the new millenium.

Today, S&T is directly represented in most major microsurgical markets with state-of-the-art product lines ranging from forceps, to needle holders, scissors, vessel clamps as well as special instrumentation.