Our contribution to quality

Since 1966 S&T is developing and manufacturing outstanding microsurgical sutures and instruments for microsurgeons around the globe.

Technical capability in combination with innovation, reliability and a sophisticated measurement and monitoring system are the cornerstones of our integrated approach focused on quality.

To manufacture a state of the art product we take worldwide variably surgical techniques as well as special requirements of the end-user into consideration. Together with them we constantly develop and manufacture customized solutions bearing all relevant standards in mind.

Together and in partnership with your Notified Body TÜV Product Service in Munich/Germany we are able to confirm the implementation of all relevant national and international standards. The fullfilment of all regulatory requirements of our QM system according to EN-ISO 13485:2016 is a matter of course as well as the comliance with relevant standards regarding packaging, sterilization, risk management and clinical trials. 

All S&T products undergo a 100% final inspection to avoid even the smallest statistical breakout. Therefore we take pride in issuing a life time warranty on material and craftsmanship on all our instruments. 

In this spirit we constantly work on giving you as an enthusiastic and loyal S&T customer the pure conscience to recommend us to others.