Dear Customers

S&T is proud to achnowledge its collaboration with the world's most prestigious microsurgeons. Together, we have crafted some of the most innovative products in the field. S&T products are crafted form premium materials, and are built from a sound foundation of research, expert cooperation, and precise engineering. We at  ar so confident in our products and processes that we challenge you to find a better line of instruments anywhere else in the world.

All S&T instruments carry a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

We thank you for your loyalty and support. Our pledge to you is that S&T will continue its dedication to excellence - so you can achieve it.

Service Partners
S&T has service partners all over the world. You may contact our partners for answers to questions relating to our products and services (such as workshop and training course support for microsurgical technique, or teaching/training materials for the care and handling of surgical instruments). For a list of our business partners and products as well as services please check the Distributors area.

Of course you may also contact us directly.

It will be our pleasure to see to all your needs in instrumentation. Modifications and ideas for new instruments are always welcome.

Thank you.